Service Objective

Our scientific research:the best technology, science outstanding person, guide tidal current

Our making: sophisticated equipment , modern administration , quality are preeminent

Our front of saling: Scene technical advice, trains for free

Our middle of saling: Have the mass question 15 sky inner to change machine unconditionally

Oue after of saling: 24 hours of line for special using for serve , responding to at any time , looking for at the regular intervals a customer

That the preeminent customer service is the characteristic we differentiate from of other company's.He said:” provide customer with the thing that they need—and, still much more serves, Let them know you take them seriously. Take warning from sth in the mistake, do not find an excuse any—but to apologize to the customers. No matter what to do, we should give precedence to three mark courteously.our attitude to customers is—assure satisfaction.”

The serves principle to customers

Article 1,customer is always right forever.
Article 2, if having doubtful point to it, please carry out by Article 1