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Voltage Regulator Introduction

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The voltage regulator (referred to as AVR) is designed for AC brushless generators with fundamental wave, harmonic compound excitation or permanent magnet generator excitation (PGM system).

The voltage regulator realizes the automatic adjustment of the generator output voltage by controlling the excitation current of the generator AC exciter. The generator voltage regulator can be used for ordinary 60/50Hz and medium frequency 400Hz single or parallel generators.

Since the gear ratio of the generator to the engine is fixed, the speed of the generator will vary with the engine speed. During the operation of the car, the range of engine speed varies greatly, and the terminal voltage of the generator will also vary over a wide range as the engine speed changes. When the generator supplies power to the electrical equipment and charges the battery, the voltage is required to be stable. Therefore, in order to keep the voltage constant at a certain value, the output voltage of the generator must be adjusted.

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