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Precautions When Using The Car Power Inverter

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Inverter, must be a kind of inverter device to be called, he and the transformer are directly different, that is, he can achieve DC input, and then output AC, the working principle is the same as the switching power supply, but the oscillation frequency is Within a certain range, for example, if this frequency is 50HZ, the output is AC 50HZ. An inverter is a device that can change its frequency.

When the battery is used in the battery, the battery voltage is reduced to 9.5V, and the power inverter will automatically shut down to ensure that the car can start normally and the battery will not be damaged.

The power inverter is powered by an internal electronic circuit that automatically implements battery protection. When using the power inverter, if there are downtimes and alarms, check the following items:

1. Whether the power of the driven electrical appliance exceeds the rated power of the inverter;

2. Whether the power inverter is well connected to the battery and the appliance;

3. Stop during use, whether it is a temperature alarm, and disable it for a period of time.

For the inverter power to be resolved, in extreme cases, even when the rated power is used, there may be occasional occurrences of overheating or even burning. Because the vehicle power inverter has not been unified in the aftermarket and pre-sales market due to the test conditions of power nominal value and personal safety issues, many manufacturers use fuzzy power conditions to make consumers always have some confusion even if the same nominal The price of the products also varies greatly, and the product needs to meet the national industry standards.

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