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Power safety knowledge question and answer: box-type transformer

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Box-type transformer news catalog:
Precautions for a box-type substation in the community
Are Transformer Boxes Dangerous?
What is a transformer box
How to Open the Transformer Box
Operation steps of box-type transformer
what's in the transformer box
Can the transformer box be moved?

Pre-installed substation (european box transformer)

Precautions for a box-type substation in the community
Note 1: The floor where the box-type equipment is placed should be selected in a higher place, not in a low-lying place, so as to prevent rainwater from pouring into the box and affecting the operation. Leave gaps when pouring concrete platforms. It is convenient for the laying of cables in and out.
Note 2: There must be two reliable connections between the box body and the grounding grid. The grounding of the box transformer and the zero connection can share a grounding grid. The grounding grid is generally grounded at the four corners of the foundation and then connected as a whole.
Note 3: Remind that there is no illegal stacking around the box-type equipment to ensure the ventilation of electrical equipment and the needs of operation inspections. The box-type transformer is mainly cooled by natural wind circulation, and the door of the transformer room should not be blocked.
Note 4: Ring network switch and transformer in high voltage power distribution device. Lightning arresters and other equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, defects should be repaired in time, and insulation preventive tests should be carried out regularly. When operating, the mechanical interlock must be released correctly, and an insulating rod should be used for operation.
Box-type substation equipment is generally placed outdoors. Daily wind and sun will have a certain impact on the equipment and shorten the service life equipment. Therefore, maintenance work must be done well during use.

Are Transformer Boxes Dangerous?
Box-type transformers have no radiation. In other words, box-type transformers hardly radiate electromagnetic waves. If the box-type transformer is dangerous, it can only be the risk of electric shock. As long as there is a certain distance from the box-type transformer, it is safe.
There will be an electromagnetic field around the box-type transformer, because the electric field itself is not harmful, and the opposite is electromagnetic radiation, and the impact of a box-type transformer on the human body is not as great as the electromagnetic radiation produced by your electrical appliances at home~~. Regardless of whether it is a high-voltage or low-voltage box-type transformer, the intensity of the power frequency electromagnetic field generated is very low, accounting for less than 1/10 of the limit that may affect the human body. The largest civilian box-type transformer is 10,000 volts. Only high-frequency electromagnetic radiation can cause harm to human health, and the 50 Hz power frequency electromagnetic field of power facilities is not harmful to human health. So please rest assured.

What is a transformer box?
Its other name is box-type substation. It is a substation system formed by pre-assembling transformers, high and low-voltage switchgear, etc. in a steel structure box that is moisture-proof, and rain-proof, and small animals are prevented from entering. Here, because the transformer is generally in the middle position and plays a central role, it is called a box-type transformer. Compared with traditional substations and power distribution rooms. The box-type substation has the characteristics of small size, low cost, pre-assembly, more flexible manufacturing, and good mobility. It is used in many power distribution places.

How to Open the Transformer Box
How to open the door of the outdoor transformer distribution box? The key opens and turns the lock face. Open the door of the outdoor transformer distribution box with a key and press the bottom button of the lock with your hand. After the lock surface bounces off, hold it with your hand and rotate it to one side to open it.

Operation steps of box type transformer:
1. Door-closing operation
Close the cable compartment door --> separate the grounding switch --> close the load switch.

2. Door opening operation
Disconnect the load switch --> close the grounding switch --> open the cable compartment door.

What's in the transformer box?
Box-type transformers include high-voltage busbars (High voltage busbar), circuit breakers or fuses, voltage transformers, lightning arresters, etc. The transformer room is filled with transformers, which are the main equipment of the box-type transformer. The low-voltage room has low-voltage busbars (Low voltage busbar), a low-voltage circuit breaker, a metering device, a lightning arrester, etc., and the lines are drawn from the low-voltage busbar to supply power to users.

Can the transformer box be moved?
It depends. Transformers are not personal property, and at the same time, they are not placed on all land or houses, and it takes a lot of strength to remove them. There must be justifiable and sufficient reasons to prove that the transformer has constituted an infringement on the person or his property, and this infringement must be eliminated by moving the location of the transformer.

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