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How do I select a voltage stabilizer for my house?

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Because the functions of stabilizers are diverse, it is necessary to select a suitable one. In this regard, you should consider the following aspects – the power consumption range of the equipment to be protected and the level of voltage fluctuations in your region.

For this article, we will assume that you live in India and your household voltage is 230 VAC. To get the maximum power output, first, multiply 230 by the maximum rated current for each electrical device you own (in amps) and add 20-25% for buffer.

You should figure out the power requirements of the devices which will be connected to the stabilizer. This includes knowing how much power each device draws. You’ll also need to think about the appliances’ power factor (0.8 is normal).

Bottom Line

Knowing the basic things before buying a voltage stabilizer for home can help you make a better decision. Before you buy a voltage stabilizer for your home, take the time to consider these important facts.

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