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China box transformer manufacturers introduce transformer composition

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China box transformer manufacturers tell you, what is a "box-type transformer"? "Box substation" is actually what we often call a box-type substation, a prefabricated substation, and a prefabricated substation. Box-type transformers are more and more widely used for their compact structure, small footprint, reasonable layout, complete sets, reliable power supply, meeting measurement requirements, and beautiful appearance.

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The components of the combined box-type substation:
1. Incoming part: including high and low voltage lines and cables;
2. Transformer room part: including transformer and its accessories;
3. High-voltage room part: including high-voltage isolation switch, circuit breaker, load switch, fuse, insulation equipment, lightning arrester, etc.
4. Low-voltage equipment part: including air switch, knife switch, fuse, low-voltage arrester, etc.
5. Protection and automatic control equipment: including all main protection and automatic devices, DC parts, signal devices, and operating power supplies of the equipment;
6. Foundation and grounding part: including grounding electrode and equipment foundation, lightning protection equipment and its connection part;
7. Instruments and metering parts: voltage transformers, current transformers, and their metering instruments;

China box transformer manufacturers tell you the applicable places for box-type substations
1. Used as a street light box transformer: Whether it is a European-style box-shaped transformer or an American-style box-shaped transformer, it has advantages over traditional civil construction power stations in small-load power consumption systems. Because the cost of the box-type substation is much lower than that of ordinary powerhouses, the appearance is also very beautiful. European-style box-type substations can also use landscape-type shells, which is a beautiful landscape.
2. Power consumption in parks and communities: Box-type substations are often used for power supply in parks and communities. Parks and communities often pursue beauty and occupy space. Box-type substations solve these two problems very well, with a beautiful appearance and occupying an area The area is small.
3. Power consumption in industrial and mining areas: Due to the complex terrain and expensive time and cost in factories, mines, and other areas, the requirements for power supply equipment are high. The box-type substation is easy to install, with less on-site construction, and the protection level is IP33, which can greatly reduce the construction amount and construction period, and is installed in areas with complex terrain.
4. Temporary power consumption: The construction unit often changes the location of power consumption with the relocation of the construction site, so a set of movable power distribution equipment is required, and the box-type substation has good mobility

China box transformer tells you the precautions for box-type transformers:
1. Heat dissipation is a problem that needs to be considered in the design of the container, so as to ensure that more heat dissipation space is reserved for equipment operation;
2. The internal space of the container is limited, and the electrical equipment needs to be concentrated, so the installation measures must be fully considered.
Box-type substations are more and more widely used in all walks of life. The weather-resistant steel structure and outer wall spraying ensure the corrosion resistance and acid resistance of the equipment and improve the service life of the equipment.

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