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China box transformer manufacturers Answers: the difference between box-type transformers and dry-type transformers

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There is a post asking a question, which is like this: "For a hotel project, the installed capacity of the transformer is expected to be around 5000KVA. Party A wants to use a box-type transformer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a box-type transformer and a dry-type transformer?" For such questions, China box transformer manufacturer will answer you.

Pre-installed substation (european box transformer)
The difference between box-type transformer and dry type transformer
1. There is a metal cover outside the box-type transformer. It is generally a dry-type transformer, and of course, it may be an oil-immersed transformer. But in fact, box-type transformers are generally generalized in our mouths, and it may be more appropriate to call them box-type substations. It includes not only transformers but also high-voltage load switch cabinets and low-voltage distribution cabinets.
2. Dry-type transformers or oil-immersed transformers can be installed in the box-type transformer, and it is enough to add high-voltage incoming lines and metering, as well as low-voltage outgoing lines and feeders. The cost of using the dry type is higher, and the oil can be cheaper.
3. The box-type substation is to set the transformer and substation equipment together, all in one box. The box-type transformer arranges these devices separately and has a power distribution room, which requires more construction investment than the box-type transformer.
4. The site selection of box-type substations is more flexible and convenient. Since the required area of the box-type substation is not large, it occupies a small area in power engineering, so the site selection is flexible and will not affect the appearance of the city too much.
5. Compared with the box-type substation, the box-type transformer saves a certain amount of land resources. Since the box-type substation needs to build buildings such as power distribution rooms, it occupies a larger area than the box-type substation. Compared with the two, the box-type substation saves more land resources, but the setting of the box-type transformer is clear, and it is more convenient and clear when a fault occurs for maintenance. Moreover, the daily maintenance of the box-type transformer is also simpler and more convenient.
Dry-type transformer: rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting and electronic circuits. Transformers such as mechanical equipment, in the power system, general steam turbine transformers, boiler transformers, ash removal transformers, dust removal transformers, desulfurization transformers, etc. are all dry-type transformers, the transformation ratio is 6000V/400V and 10KV/400V, used for rated voltage 380V load. Simply put, a dry-type transformer refers to a transformer in which the iron core and winding are not immersed in insulating oil.
The box-type transformer supplier in China tells you that the box-type transformer (usually referred to as "box transformer") concentrates the traditional transformer design in the box-type housing, which has the advantages of small size, lightweight, low noise, low loss, high reliability, and wide It is used in residential areas, commercial centers, light stations, airports, factories, mines, enterprises, hospitals, schools, and other places. The box-type transformer is not just a transformer, it is equivalent to a small substation, which belongs to the distribution station and directly provides power to users.
The box substation is a complete set of devices: including high-voltage incoming line switchgear or load switch, transformer (but the oil substation can also be a dry substation), and low-voltage outgoing line switchgear.
The transformer is a device that reduces or increases voltage, mainly divided into two types: dry transformer and oil transformer.
The scale of the hotel is relatively large, and it should be considered to set up a power distribution station, that is, high-voltage switchgear + transformer + low-voltage switchgear. It can also be in the form of a box transformer, but the overall cost of the box transformer may be higher, and the maintenance cost is lower, which is easier than the power distribution station. Management, because of fire protection requirements in hotel places, transformers must use dry transformers, and the specific method of power supply should be determined according to the site and funding conditions!

Expand knowledge: Are box-type substations and transformer boxes the same? What is the difference between the two?
Warm reminder from Chinese box-type transformer manufacturers that box-type substations and transformer boxes are not the same thing. Generally, users can use electricity normally, a 10kv box-type substation.

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