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A Brief Introduction To Power Transformers

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The transformer used for electricity is called a power transformer. The structure of the power transformer mainly includes coils, iron cores, fuel tanks, transformer oil, heat dissipation cooling devices, oil pillows and porcelain casings. The coils of the power transformer are wound with copper wire or aluminum wire insulated with paper or cotton yarn. Both the primary coil and the secondary coil are placed on a core laminated with thin silicon steel sheets and housed together in a fuel tank. Both ends of the coil are respectively led to the outside of the fuel tank through a porcelain sleeve. When the transformer is working, the power loss generated by the current passing through the coil is called copper loss, and the power loss generated when the magnetic flux passes through the iron core is called iron loss. These two losses are converted into heat, which causes the transformer to heat up. If you do not try to dissipate the heat, the temperature of the transformer will become higher and higher, and the transformer will burn out. Therefore, the transformer must have a device that dissipates heat.

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