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High and low-voltage complete cabinet supplier

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What does a complete set of distribution cabinets mean?
The supplier of high and low-voltage complete sets of cabinets tells you that a complete set of distribution boxes is a complete set of equipment, first of all, the box shell, in addition to many components, such as circuit breakers, isolating switches, voltmeters, ammeters, and other devices, So it is called a complete set of equipment. Generally, complete sets of distribution boxes include control boxes, distribution boxes, power boxes, etc., which are also commonly referred to as high and low-voltage complete sets of equipment.

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Installation of the complete distribution box
1. The installation method of the distribution box (control box) is determined according to the size of the box; generally, when the height of the box is more than 1.2 meters, it should be installed on the ground; when the height of the box is less than 1.2 meters, it is generally installed on the wall or embedded.
2. During installation, the height under the cabinet should be 100mm. If there are cables in and out, a foundation pit should be reserved in the cabinet to meet the bending radius requirements of the cables. The installation of basic steel and the installation of the panel should also meet the requirements of various allowable deviations. The distance between the fixed points of the section steel is not more than 1000 mm.
3. The installation height of the distribution box should be convenient for operation and maintenance. When the height of the box is greater than 600 mm, the distance from the bottom of the box to the ground should be 1.5 m; if the height of the box is greater than 600 mm, the distance between the top of the box and the indoor floor should not be greater than 2.2 m.
4. High and low-voltage complete cabinet supplier complete sets of cabinets reminds us that when installing the distribution box, there should be no gap between the distribution box and the surrounding walls. Do anti-cracking treatment.

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Classification of complete distribution boxes
1. Classification by function:
(1) Power distribution box
It is an important component in the electrical installation of a building, which is directly related to the performance of multiple functions such as voltage distribution, electrical control, and power supply, and is closely related to the overall safety of the building.
(2) Lighting distribution box
The lighting distribution box equipment is the equipment responsible for the control, protection, conversion, and distribution of electrical energy at the end of the low-voltage power supply system. It is mainly composed of wires, components (including isolating switches, circuit breakers, etc.), and boxes.
(3) Metering box
The metering box is the totality of measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment necessary for measuring electric energy, including electric energy meters, measuring voltages, current transformers and their secondary circuits, electric energy measuring panels, cabinets, boxes, etc. The metering box can be suspended or floor-mounted.
(4) Control box
It is used inside and outside all kinds of buildings, as power, lighting power distribution, and motor control, suitable for indoor wall-mounted, and outdoor floor-mounted power distribution equipment, mainly used for fire pump control, submersible pump control, fire fan control, fan control, lighting distribution control, etc., the control methods include direct start control, star-delta step-down start control, self-coupling step-down start control, inverter start control, soft start control, and other control methods, you can also use the isolating switch, fuse The switch is used as an isolating breaking point.
(5) Socket box
Also known as industrial socket boxes, high and low voltage complete cabinet suppliers tell you that it is suitable for the power industry, railway industry, chemical industry, coal industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, container terminal, airport, large playgrounds, steel industry, electrical Industry, construction, food industry, etc.

2. Structural classification: plate type, box type, cabinet type

3. Classification of installation methods: surface installation, concealed installation, floor installation

4. Classification of use occasions: indoor, outdoor

The above is a brief introduction to complete sets of power distribution cabinets by high and low-voltage complete sets of cabinet suppliers. In today's era, there are still many complete distribution boxes for substations. For various bags, according to the design specifications, the configuration will be different. In addition to switch cabinets and metering cabinets, most types of switch cabinets are equipped with microcomputer protection devices to ensure the safe and reliable operation of switch cabinets.

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