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Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12
Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12
Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12

>Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker ZW32-12

High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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ZW32-12 Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter called breaker) is of rated voltage 21KV, three-phase AC 50Hz distribution equipment, mainly used to break, make loading current, overloading current, and short circuit current, as the protection and control unit in substation, mineral enterprise and rural network where need frequent switching. 

The breaker has such advantages of small size, light weight, anti-fog, free of maintenance and etc, able to work in some severe ambient conditions and polluted atmosphere. 


Applicable standards 

GB 1984 "AC high voltage circuit breakers" 

GB 11022 "General technical requirements High voltage switchgear and controlgear" 


GB3 l l. l-6 "Insulation coordination of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment" 

GB763 "Heating of AC high voltage apparatus under long term working" 

GB2706 "Test methods of dynamic, thermal steady current on AC high voltage apparatus" 

GB3309 "Mechanics test on AC high voltage apparatus under normal temperature" 

DLff593 "Technical conditions for ordering AC high voltage equipment" 


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