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ZS series oil-immersed rectifier transformer

ZS series oil-immersed rectifier transformer
ZS series oil-immersed rectifier transformer

>ZS series oil-immersed rectifier transformer

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They are widely used in electrolysis, electrochemical, driving, traction, static de-dusting, DC power transmission fields where rectification power source is necessary. A rectifier transformer is used for power supply of rectifying devices, most industrial DC power sources is transformed from an AC network via rectifier devices consisting of a rectifier transformer and a rectifier. It is widely used in electrolysis, electrochemical, traction, driving, DC transmission, frequency conversion and rectified power source fields. According to user's requirements, the secondary winding phase difference can be designed to 30° , 15° , 7.5° , for rectification of 6-phase, 12-phase, 24-phase and 48-phase. 

Model and meanings


Application: ZH--electrochemical electrolysis; ZO--tractlon; ZS--driving; ZZ--DC transmission; ZP--AC frequency; 

                    ZB--General industry 

Number of phases of line side: D--single phase; S--three phase 

External insulating medium of winding: Transformer oil, Air (dry-type)G 

Type of cooling devices: Natural cooling; Air cooling F; Water cooling S 

Way of oil circulations: Natural circulation; Forced oil circulation P 

Way of voltage regulation: No-excitation regulation or without voltage regulation; Load ration voltage regulation by line side 

                 winding Z; Load ratio regulation by built-in variac or by series regulating transformer T; Regulation by self saturating reactor B 

Built-in accessories: Without built-in accessories; Balance reactor K; Saturated reactor HK.

Main technical parameters

ZS Series oil-immersed rectifier transformer

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