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S9-M/S10-M/S11-M series distribution transformer

S9-M/S10-M/S11-M series distribution transformer
S9-M/S10-M/S11-M series distribution transformer

>S9-M/S10-M/S11-M series distribution transformer

High voltage transformer
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Our S9-M, S10-M, S11-M series 3-phase oil-immersed transformer is conform to the standard of IEC, GB 1094 "Power Transformer' and GB/T6451-2008 "Technical Parameters and Requirements of Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer'. The iron core is made of qualify cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and in full-mfter non-puncture structure, The coil is made of quality oxygen-free copper, featuring good outlook and safe running. The products are widely used in power transmission and distribution of industrial and agricultural power networks. 


The tank adopts corrugated or expansion radiator tank, no need of oil storage tank to reduce the height of the transformer, the transformer oil does not contact with the air, prolong the oil aging, further improve the transformer service life. The no-load loss of S 10-M is 20% lower than that of S9-M, and the no-load loss of S11-M is 30% lower than that of S9-M. High reliability, advanced performance level, reasonable economic indicators. The tank has various forms and is beautiful and graceful. 

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