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Box type fixed metal enclosed switchgear
Box type fixed metal enclosed switchgear

>Box type fixed metal enclosed switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear Set
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HXGN15-12 (SF6) type unit type ac metal closed ring network switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as the ring network cabinet) is a new generation of high-voltage electrical products which we have successfully designed and developed by ourselves in accordance with the requirements of domestic agricultural power and urban network renovation by introducing foreign advanced technology. All technical performance indicators are IEC62271-200:2003 and GB3906. 

The main switch, operating mechanism and components of the ring cabinet adopt the original ABB parts or the SFL-12/24 switch equipment manufactured by domestic assembly of imported parts. It can also be equipped with the original ABB HAD/US SF6 according to the needs of users. Circuit breaker or VD4-S vacuum circuit breaker. Its operation mode is divided into dynamic, electric two. 

The cabinet body is riveted by CNC machine tool, the protection grade reaches IP3X, and has reliable mechanical interlock and error prevention function. This product has small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. long life, high parameters, no pollution. less maintenance and so on. 

XGN15-12 (SF6) type unit ac metal closed ring network switching equipment, suitable for 50Hz, 12kV power network. as the electrical energy to receive and distribution The main switch in the cabinet ls SF6 switch. 


Model and meanings


Working conditions

1. Ambient temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -25℃; 

2.Elevation: not exceeding 2000m;

3.Relative humidity: daily average is no more than 95%; Monthly average is not more than 90%;

4.Surrounding environment: the surrounding air is not polluted by corrosive gases or flammable gases, water vapor, etc.;

5.No frequent violent vibration.


Main technical parameters



For the switchgear equipped with load switch, the special operation handle is used to operate on the front of the switchgear. The front of the operation mechanism has two operation holes, the upper part is the ground switch operation hole and the lower part is the load switch operation hole. During operation, clockwise rotation of the handle is the closing direction of the switch, and counterclockwise rotation is the opening direction of the switch. It can also be equipped with electric dividing and closing devices for remote control operation. 

(note: sometimes the load switch does not have earthing switch, the earthing switch operation hole is used for cabinet door unlocking). 

For the switch equipment with the combination of electrical appliances, the operation sequence is the same as above except the manual switch button. The lower ground switch of the combination electrical cabinet is set separately, and the upper ground switch is separated and closed with the connecting rod. The small residual current on the fuse base is released when the fuse is closed, so as to improve the safety when replacing the fuse. 



Outline and mounting dimensions


Please provide the following information when ordering: 

1. Main circuit scheme no., main junction system diagram, arrangement diagram, plane layout diagram;

2.Model, specification and quantity of electrical components in switching equipment;

3.Name and quantity of spare parts and accessories;

4.Please consult with us for any special requirements.

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