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Box-type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear
Box-type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear

>Box-type fixed AC metal enclosed switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear Set
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XGN15-12 (F), XGN15-12 (F • R) box-type fixed ac metal-enclosed switching equipment (hereinafter referred to as 'switching equipment"), which is used in the loop network power supply or radiation power supply system with rated voltage of 12kV, rated current of 630A and below, and is especially suitable for the pre-installed substation as the control and protection of power system. The product is equipped with an insulated shell of the type FLN36-12D sulfur hexafluoride load switch or the type FLRN36-12D load switching-fuse combination, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy operation, light operation force, reliable interlock and maintenance-free, etc. It is a new generation of high-voltage switch equipment required by the transformation and construction of urban power grid. 

This product conforms to the following standards: GB3906 "3-35kv ac metal enclosed switching equipment', GB/Tl 1022 "common technical requirements for high-voltage switching equipment and control equipment", IEC60298 "ac metal enclosed switching equipment and control equipment with rated voltage above 1kV and below 50kV", DL/T404 ·order rejection technical conditions for indoor ac high-voltage switch". 


Model and meanings


Working conditions

1.Ambient air temperature: -15℃~+40℃;

2. Altitude: 2000m and below; 

3.Humidity conditions: 

The daily mean value should not exceed 95%, and the daily mean value of water vapor pressure should not exceed 2.2kpa.

The monthly mean value should not exceed 90%, and the monthly mean value of water vapor pressure should not exceed 1.8kPa.

4.Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;

5.no corrosive or flammable gas and other obvious pollution sites. Note: the user may negotiate with the company if the above normal operating conditions are exceeded. 


Structural characteristics

1. Switch equipment is composed of cabinet, main switch (SF6 load switch or combination electrical appliance), ground switch, instrument room, bus and other electrical components and auxiliary components. 

2. The cabinet body is assembled by aluminum and zinc coated steel plate by modulus. Pressure relief channel is provided at the back of the cabinet to protect operators in case of internal failure . 

3. The bus bar of the bus bar room is covered with insulation and directly connected to the wiring terminals of the load switch. Three - phase bus according to the longitudinal arrangement, so that the switch equipment can be arbitrary expansion, easy to change its layout. 

4. The instrument room is located on the upper part of the switch equipment. Ammeter, voltmeter, indicator light and electric operating mechanism can be installed in the room. 


Main technical parameters

1, Main technical parameters of switchgear 

2, Main technical parameters of main switch in switch cabinet (SF6 load switch and combined electrical appliance) 

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