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Outdoor AC high voltage isolating switch GW5
Outdoor AC high voltage isolating switch GW5

>Outdoor AC high voltage isolating switch GW5

High Voltage Isolating Switch
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GW5 series outdoor isolator is one of the most commonly used devices in power systems. Its main function is to isolate high voltage during equipment or line maintenance to ensure safety. It can not disconnect the load current and short-circuit current, should be used in conjunction with the circuit breaker, in the power cut off the circuit breaker before the disconnector switch, power supply after the disconnector switch after the circuit breaker. 

GW5 series outdoor disconnecting switch is a double-post v-type horizontal open type, each single stage is composed of base, post insulator, outgoing base and contact part. It is composed of two supports with an Angle of 50°. The main electric parts are respectively installed on the top of the two pillar insulation bottles, and rotate about 90°along with the pillar insulation bottles. 


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