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Cable splice box (European type)
Cable splice box (European type)

>Cable splice box (European type)

Cable Solice Box
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DFW-12 series cable branch box is outdoor design, fully sealed structure, cabinet body protection class up to IP33. The cable joint bracket is made of stainless steel and the shell is made of high quality stainless steel plate. The interior of the box is divided into two parts: bus room and cable bin by cable silo roof plate. 

The bus room is a sealed chamber made of 2mm steel plate. The cable connector bracket is located at the upper part of the bus room and is used to support the casing, which is used to secure the cable connection, with an interphase distance of 180mm. In the case of a lightning arrester type, the rear of the cable connector mounted by the arrester. In addition, short-circuit indicators and live displays are also installed in the bus room. All live parts of the bus room are subjected to strict silicone rubber outsourcing insulation. The cable bin is located under the bus room, is the passage of the cable in and out, and there are cable clamps and grounding terminals in the cable bin. 


Model and meanings


Working conditions

1.Ambient temperature: maximum temperature: +40'C, minimum temperature: -30'C:

2.Wind speed: quite 34m/s(no more than 700Pa):

3.Humidity: the average daily relative humidity should not be greater than 95%, and the average monthly relative humidity should not be greater than 95%;

4. Shockproof: the horizontal acceleration shall not be greater than 0.4m/s2

5.Installation environment: the surrounding air is not corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor and other obvious pollution, the installation site is not violent vibration;


Main technical parameters


Outline and mounting dimensions


Description of order number

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