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35KV outdoor cable splitter box
35KV outdoor cable splitter box

>35KV outdoor cable splitter box

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DFW series 35KV outdoor cable branch box is a new distribution product developed according to the market demand on the basis of the company's research on new cable network distribution equipment for many years, which fills the gap of domestic 35KV outdoor cable branch box. It is one of the necessary equipment in 35KV cable power supply network. Its new structure and superior performance greatly reduce the floor space, reduce the price, improve the reliability of power supply and safety protection. It is widely used in the power supply network of industrial countries and large heavy industry enterprises. 


Model and meanings


Functions and features

Full insulation, fully sealed, full screen structure, safe and reliable, free maintenance, compact structure, small volume, outdoor, condensation prevention, pollution prevention, flood water can be used in any environment installation, convenient operation line increase or decrease in flexible and can meet the requirement of electric power equipment installment construction without reinvestment configurable charged display device, convenient line inspection. 


Working conditions

1. Ambient temperature: maximum temperature: +40℃, minimum temperature: -30℃;

2. Wind speed: quite 34m/s(no more than 700Pa);

3. Humidity: the average daily relative humidity should not be greater than 95%, and the average monthly relative humidity should not be greater than 95%;

4.Shockproof: the horizontal acceleration shall not be greater than 0.4m/s2, and the vertical acceleration shall not be greater than 0.15m/s2 . 

5. Installation environment: the surrounding air is not corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor and other obvious pollution, the installation site is not violent vibration; 

Note: please consult with us when ordering this product in excess of the above conditions.


Main technical parameters

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