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Pre-installed substation (european box transformer)
Pre-installed substation (european box transformer)

>Pre-installed substation (european box transformer)

Assembled Substation
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It's applied in rated voltage 3-10KV, rated frequency 50HZ power system oil-free electric assemble. Its rated current is small, while breaking current is big, can be widely used in power, metallurgy, oil and chemical industry, especially for protect and control below 1200KW motor and below 1600KVA transformer. 

This product conforms to GB/T17 467 "high/low voltage pre-installed substation· standard and SD320 "box substation technical conditions". 


Model and meanings


Working conditions

1.Altitude: 1000m and below; 

2.Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃, and the average temperature within the 24h cycle shall not exceed +35℃; 

3.Wind speed: no more than 35m/s;

4.Relative air temperature: no more than 90%( +25℃); 

5.Seismic horizontal acceleration: no more than 0.4m/s, and vertical acceleration no more than 0.2m/s; 

6.In the place of use, there should be no conductive dust and corrosive, inflammable and explosive dangerous articles harmful to the metal and insulation; 

7.There is no violent vibration at the installation site, and the vertical slope shall not be greater than 3 degrees. 

Note: special use conditions, order with our company to solve the consultation. 


Main technical parameters

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