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Pre-installed substation (american case transformer)
Pre-installed substation (american case transformer)

>Pre-installed substation (american case transformer)

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YB□ series pre-installed substation is suitable for 7.2kV and 12kV loop power supply, double power supply or terminal power supply system, as high voltage distribution metering, compensation control and protection devices. In the pre-installed substation, in addition to transformers, the high-voltage side is also equipped with four load switches, two station load switches, backup protection fuses and plug-in fuses, low-voltage side according to user requirements to assemble control appliances, distribution appliances, compensation devices and electricity meters. 

YB□ series pre-installed substation can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is widely used in industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers and high-rise buildings. 


Model and meanings


Structural characteristics

The cabinet structure of the series products is divided into two parts. The front is the high and low pressure operation interval. The high voltage interval includes high voltage terminal, load switch, no-load pressure regulating tap switch, plug-in fuse, pressure release valve, oil temperature meter, oil level meter and oil discharge valve. The low pressure interval includes low pressure terminals. The rear part is the oil filling box body and heat sink, the transformer windings and iron core, the high-voltage load switch and the protective fuse are all in the oil storage tank. 


Working conditions

1. Altitude: 1000m and below: 

2. Wind pressure: no more than 70Pa(equivalent to 35m/s):

3.Humidity: daily average is not more than 90%, and monthly average is not more than 90%; 

4. Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40'C, minimum temperature -25℃:

5.Shockproof level: horizontal acceleration 0.4/s2; Vertical acceleration 0.15m/s2: 

6. Earthquake intensity: 8 degrees: 

7.Installation environment: the surrounding air is free from obvious pollution by corrosive, flammable gases and water vapor, and the installation site is free from violent vibration. 


Features and advantages 

1.Small in size and compact in structure, it is only about 1 /3 of the domestic variation of the same capacity box;

2.Fully sealed, fully insulated, no need of insulation distance, reliable guarantee of personal safety;

3.It can be used for both the ring network and the terminal, which is very convenient for conversion and improves the reliability of power supply;

4.Small loss, lower than domestic S9 transformer loss;

5.The cable connector can operate 200A load current, which can be used as a load switch operation in an emergency, and has the characteristics of isolating switch;

6.Double fuse protection is adopted to reduce operation cost. The fuse of plug-in fuse is double sensitive (temperature, current); 

7.Adopted ∆/Y. The connection method and three-phase five-column structure have the advantages of high voltage quality, no drift of neutral point. no heat, low noise and good lightning protection.



Intelligent integrated substation USES low loss. oil-immersed, fully sealed S9, S10, S11 series transformers, or resin insulation or NOMEX paper insulation environmental protection type dry transformer, the bottom can be equipped with a car, the transformer can be easily in and out. 


Main technical parameters


Technical parameters of pre-installed substation


List of transformer technical parameters

The new S9 series transformer body is selected, with low loss, good overload capacity and strong resistance to short circuit. All fasteners are treated with anti-loosening treatment and no lifting core. S10 series and S11 series transformers with better performance can also be selected. 


Technical parameters of load switch

The load switch is oil-immersed, three-phase linkage switch and spring operating mechanism. It can be operated with load, and its closing speed has nothing to do with the operating force. 


Technical parameters of fuse

American box transformer high voltage side by backup protection fuse and plug fuse series to provide full range of protection, the principle is simple, economical and reliable; The backup protection fuse is an oil-immersed high-voltage current-limiting fuse with large breaking capacity, which only works when the transformer fails. The double-sensitive fuse is installed in the plug-in fuse to provide dual protection of current and temperature. After the dual-sensitive fuse is fused, the fuse core can be easily replaced on the spot. 

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