After-Sales Service

For much better service to customer, ensure customer's lawful rights and interests , relieve customer's having anxiety over one's rear, set up Zhongxiang enterprise image and brand credit , to Zhongxiang electrical customer,we made as follows promise:

1.Checking purchasing the sum product strictly according to that ISO9001 carries out component and part coming the standard.

2.Leave the factory the product provides the necessary technology document and product certificate of quality.

3.According to the customer need or the agreement provides the attachment installation , tests and carries out technology training on persons concerned of customer in time.

4.The large-scale construction project, produces the request organization according to invitation to bid document , tests , checks that; Check and accept , provide the scene coordinating a customer to provide a service of coordinated process.

5.When receiving mass information feedback, will bring forward the treatment idea within 24 hours.

When customer in using a product , may immediately report to my company technology service centre , being given overall consideration by service centre if discovering a product when being not able to use regularly,till if decision send person or act as other handles, until the customer is satisfied.