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Johsun Tec Electrical Co. Ltd. is one of the successful modern power products manufacturer
Components:Stabilizer / Transformer / Battery Charger / Switching Power Supply / Automatic witch Voltage Protector / Inverter / UPS / Battery / Solar Panels

Voltage Regulator

It has advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high precision, wide voltage stabilizing range, no waveform distortion etc. All products are provided with over-voltage and under-voltage protection, delay protection, error protection and voltage two-way indication, which make the function of the product more perfect and reliable.
These high performance products are specialized for users of unstable voltage and precision electronic instruments and equipment. Compared with other like products, ours have a higher ratio of performance to price.

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Transformer Box | Voltage Regulator | Battery charger

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Johsun Tec Electrical Co , Ltd , is one of the successful modern manufacturer in high and low voltage completeand components power supply field , the company was established in year 2005 , It specializes in researchingmanufacturing and selling high and low voltage complete set and components & Voltage Stabilizer , VoltageRegulator , Transformer , Battery Charger , Switching Power Supply , Dual-power Automatic Switch Voltage Protector ,Inverter , UPS , Battery , Solar Panels etc , Solar System and New energy Series Products etc .Depending on its advanced global technology and facilities , Johsun Technology is leading... Learn More >


Vacuum Circuit Breaker / Stabilizer / Transformer Box

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